EPL and Champions League - It's Getting Hot in Here

Episode #69 - EPL and Champions League - It's Getting Hot in Here
It's peak soccer season in Europe as EPL and Champions League action hits with relentless pace.  And after Matchday One in Champions League group stage, it looks like there will be a lot of exciting soccer ahead.

Memo and Jay break down the surprising results from Matchday One in Champions League with a lot of groups thrown into precarious positions only after one matchday.

EPL Matchday Six wasn't as high scoring as we have become accustomed to, but there were exciting matches.  It's early!  But the EPL table is on fire with a wide swath of EPL clubs competing for meaningful positions.

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

Host:  Memo
Producer:  Jay Fratt
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