EPL Matchday 29 Review and Champions League Preview

Episode #59

Matchday 28 Review:
Even though Liverpool is running away with the EPL title, there are so many intriguing story lines and matches left in the schedule.  In Reality 8 clubs are battling for the 4th place trophy.  Leicester has been pulled back into this top tier mid table battle, and 9th place Arsenal are only 8 points from 4th and 5 points from 5th place.  Manchester United completed the derby double this season.  What does that mean for the club, manager, and season?  Is City limping, or just disinterested?  Wolves dropped two points on the weekend, but are undefeated in their last five.  Can they leap frog Chelsea, Leicester, or Man U?

Champions League Preview:
The guys think there are 3 opportunities for Kicks from the Spot this week in Champions League play as three of the four matches are within one goal in aggregate.  Will RB Leipzig's home advantage being taken away by the Corona Virus?  Can the power of PSG at home keep the youth of Dortmund at bay?  Which Liverpool squad will show up at Anfield as they most likely need several goals to win?

 - UEFA is listening to the Kick from the Spot podcast!  VAR changes are coming.
 - Liverpool fall out of FA Cup.
 - Corona Virus is impacting European competitions.
 - Gio Rena emphatically makes his national team decision.

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

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