Manchester City Ban Analyzed Beyond the Headlines and Matchday 26 Review

Episode #56

Manchester City has been banned for two years from European competition.  Huge news, but is it true?  What are deeper layers to this story, and what are the real impacts of this UEFA ruling?  Memo and Jay look into the ruling, the arbitration body that will make the final decision, the sovereign money and tactics behind the crack down, and the implications to the EPL beyond Man City.

Matchday 26 Review:
Did VAR ruin the match for Wolverhampton, and wreck an exciting weekend of EPL featurettes?  Within the vision of the Man City ban, how is the remainder of the table affected by a new Champions League position opening up?  Arsenal, Tottenham, and Sheffield United gain three crucial points while Chelsea see a desperate Man United club come visit on Monday

The Man Who Exposed Man City
Timeline of Man City Financial Fair Play Sanctions

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Host:  Memo
Producer:  Jay Fratt
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