EPL Action Out Shines Champions League

Episode #57

Champions League Review:
The first half of the Round of 16 has been played.  Who were the winners and losers even if they weren't the actual winners and losers?  Memo and Jay break down the first legs of the first week.

Matchday 27 Review:
Wow!  Sex on fire in the EPL!  The EPL table may not have a competition at the top, but there are pockets of competition all over the remainder of the table.  With the Man City competition ban, even clubs like 10th place Arsenal and 11th place Burnley are still in the hunt for a Champions League spot.

Champions League Preview:
Expectations are back!  The second week of Champions League Round of 16 play is assuredly going to be better than the first week.  Both EPL clubs will be featured by BR Sports, and both matches have the potential to be special.

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

Host:  Memo
Producer:  Jay Fratt
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