EPL Matchday 21 A Run Run Run Run Runaway

Episode #50

It's a runaway! But even though Liverpool is running away with the EPL title, there are so many compelling story lines and competitions remaining within the EPL table. Chelsea cannot pull away from the mid-table glut, but the big names behind them can't seem to catch the Blues either.

Jose Mourinho couldn't stay positive for long. His comedic one-man show is back on the road in England.

Is Arsenal back under Arteta, or did Man U take a match off? The Christmas rush is over, and now we head into the January transfer window. Who is buying and who is selling?

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

Host:  Memo
Producer:  Jay Fratt
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