Emery Out But Culture Remains at Arsenal

It's November!  Arsenal fire manager Emery due to a poor start.  But what's the plan?  Is there a plan?  Arsenal are down.  Worst start in decades.  Emery had only been at the club for one full season.  And it's November!

Emery had the pedigree for this exact moment.  Arsenal are not competing for the top of the Premier League.  Arsenal are not in Champions League.  Emery, with his multiple Europa League titles at Sevilla, is a proven winner at the current level Arsenal find themselves at.  The big trophies are not to be had, but there are other trophies worth winning.  And this guy is/was the right tool for this moment in time for the club.

It's culture that must be fired.  Emery didn't stand a chance within a stagnant culture.  He wanted to win, not debate who's cute, who's friends, and all the fun-time-happy-footballing that must accompany the millions of Euros or Pounds, or Kroenke Dollars.  He was about winning.  Not big trophies, but trophies none the less.

Rotten culture is the disease.  Firing your manager in NOVEMBER is just a symptom.  

A winning club has a plan.  Arsenal is a traditional winner of 4th place invitations to the Champions Ball and FA Cup trophies.  So maybe there is a plan.  Perhaps scrapping the season, bowing out of the Europa League, and drifting into summer is the plan.  But isn't that what a club with a rotten culture would do in the middle of a downward spiral.  Their plan WAS solid.  They got the right manager for the right situation.  The fact that it didn't work out shines a light on far more than the manager:  Club Culture.