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Hole in VAR Disallowed

There has always been a huge flaw in VAR, just lurking under the surface waiting to show itself.  As of yet, this chasm hasn't been found in the natural course of play.  On Sunday, the referee could have covered it up for the league and VAR opponents.

What would happen if a clear error was made on a penalty call, but as time passed waiting for an opportunity to stop play to review, the opposing team scores!  WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?  We were sure to find out this weekend in the biggest match thus far of the year, as Sterling of City was denied a clear goal scoring opportunity by a Liverpool hand ball.  This clear penalty hand ball in the box was missed by the referee.  No big deal, at the first stop of play, everything would be corrected.  But immediately before the match found a dead ball moment, Liverpool rushed down and scored on an unlikely swift power strike.
So what now?    - Penalty!  And the latter goal is disallowed.  Kick from the spot.  - Penalty!  And the latter goal is allo…

Kick from the Spot Reboot

Episode 40 ... We're Back

Lifelong soccer all star Memo brings his soccer passion and addiction to the Kick from the Spot podcast.  In his first episode in the captains chair, Memo brings us all up to speed on first third of the season.  But more importantly we get to know him and his knowledge of the beautiful game.

This version of the Kick from the Spot podcast will follow Memo's soccer addiction wherever it takes us.  Yes, there may even be some MLS discussion.  Sit back and enjoy this special conversational episode.  Memo has a lot of plans for the pod focused on community and enjoying the sport we love.

English Premier League is top dog, like Messi.  But how does Messi's control help or hurt Barca?  Why is the Bundesliga the best league for young Americans?

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

Host:  Memo
Producer:  Jay Fratt

Kick from the Spot Twitte…