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EP-035 English Premier League Oh Jose Mourinho and Yedlin USMNT

Matchday three is done and dusted. John and Jay take a look at the important matches of the weekend. Manchester United lose to Spurs. Watford continue their run against Crystal Palace. New Castle comes close to points hosting Chelsea. And Arsenal get three from a lackluster West Ham side.

News! With Jose Mourinho in the Premier League we always have news! The special Jose Mourinho segment is back again as the guys listen in and analyze the post match press conference staring the greatest manager EVER. John gives updates on Michael Keen's head injury, Burnley's Europa League qualification campaign, and Hung Min Son's bid to avoid military service with a Gold medal at the Asian Games.

The guys end the show setting up the next week of English Premier League action. Surprisingly, Arsenal and Chelsea were both left out of this weeks previews.

Turns out, the Asian Games have nothing to do with race. The Kick from the Spot Podcast is all about education.

Thank you for fi…

Arsenal Emery Ozil and the Transfer Window

Emery left Ozil off the starting lineup over the weekend.  As listeners to this show know I have been calling for Ozil to be subbed, left out, and generally reigned in as an Arsenal staple.  There was something strange about this benching.  It came with a qualifier, he was sick.  Ill.  Unavailable.

I jumped out of my seat to see Arsenal was going to try a midfield without the lethargic, turnover prone German.  My theory that Emery was confidently testing and experimenting with his squad.  A long term approach to his coaching position.  Refreshing in modern football I thought.  And required after a 22 year coaching stint by Arsene Wenger.  Emery is taking his time to get his feet settled.  Kicking the tires in real time.

The rough English media already had a conspiritorial narrative ready for Emery:
Ozil left the team and facility on Saturday because he was pissed he was left
out of the lineup. He responded: "Maybe in English it is difficult to explain,
but first, why is this informa…

EP-034 EPL Match of the Week Review Preview and of course Jose

Chelsea vs Arsenal match review. We need a name for the Kick from the Spot derby! Take time to email or Tweet at us your ideas. John wins the first leg at home this season as Chelsea scrape out a victory over Arsenal. But hey, it could have been 5-2 Arsenal right? #Sitter

Lots of news this week including Europa League action and the USMNT flirting with a dual national.

Jay created a new segment featuring Jose Mourinho. It's lit. Now the guys will keep track of Jose each week on his destined thrill ride to implosion at Manchester United. English book makers have him as the odds on favorite currently to be the first manager sacked in the EPL.

Manchester United vs Tottenham is the featured match this week. But Jay can't help but throw in the Arsenal match as well. John and Jay break it all down. #Enjoy.

Jamie Vardy's leg was not used inappropriately during the recording of this podcast.

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EP-033 EPL Week 1 Review News Chelsea Arsenal Preview

Arsenal still experimenting. West Ham had the week 1 match to throw away. This just in, Manchester City and Liverpool are really good. Mourinho a genius of manipulation. Everton and Wolverhampton both win! Week one of the English Premier League is reviewed.

DeBruyne is out injured. European transfer window might catch EPL casualties. Twins face off! Burnley FC are poised for Europa League. John and Jay bring the important news from this week.

Chelsea vs Arsenal, the London Derby nearest and dearest to the Kick from the Spot podcasting hearts is upon us! John and Jay discuss with only a few insults. Leicester City and Liverpool have interesting matches this week.

Bakayoko left his hair dye in London, John may or may not have bought it on Ebay.

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

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EP-032 EPL Season Preview Week One Featured Matches

It's finally here! The EPL is back. The best produced and richest soccer league on the planet is starting on 08/10/18. John and Jay share their thoughts on what teams to watch for the top spots. Europa League, Champions League, and even relegation predictions are featured. We have the matches to watch including a preview of week 1 in league play.

The summer transfer window is almost closed. Updates on transfer activity and analysis is given in the news segment. Overall, we are happy to be back for our second season covering the English Premier League, Champions League, and yes Europa League (the greatest most prestigious league).

Unai Emery, Maurizio Sarri, and Jose Mourinho all get together and listen to the Kick from the Spot podcast. Thanks guys!

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

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