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EP-031 Summer Transfer Window Heats Up EPL Around the Corner

The Summer transfer window is almost over. John and Jay are back talking English Premier League player movement. Which squads have bolstered their line-up, and which squads have been left out in the summer sun without protection? Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester City, Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, West Ham, Tottenham, and Burnley all get the Kick from the Spot white glove treatment. John thinks Liverpool and Everton are the big winners this summer. Jay is excited about the Arsenal summer purchases and Leicester City's addition with the cash sale of Mahrez. After the top ten teams are fully vetted, John and Jay take a look at the transfer rumors hitting the wires at the end of the transfer window. What rumors are true, and what were created by a 10 year old American Arsenal fan? Jay recently posted a blog in which he professed his love for a young Arsenal player. Things get weird when he includes his love letter at the end of this podcast. Don't

Matteo Guendouzi: A Love Letter

First, this is awkward, but it must be addressed. Hector , it was several years ago I spotted you from across the pitch. It was preseason. Your youthful enthusiasm and talent lit up the pitch. Stretching runs forward from a wide position with an unexpected pace were finished off with precision crosses that peppered the opponent's 18 yard box. Your boyish charm and wide-eyed innocence were a delight. "He's going to start!" I exclaimed before a serious ball had been kicked for Arsenal. Since that time you have become a staple in the starting 11. Your boyish charm has been replaced by a mature metal of vigor and intensity. You've grown facial hair, presented the world with your version of a man bun, and even inked a full sleeve. Alas Hector, we've grown apart. You have amassed 1.5 million followers on Twitter. No longer are you the prospect I spotted on the side of the pitch, but a full blown soccer star. I must let you go, and share you with the wo

EP-030 World Cup Final Review Potpourri

The World Cup Final was all about bad breaks in the first half for Croatia. John and Jay get to the bottom of the two controversial plays that put Croatia down when they were playing so well. How much should VAR (video assistant replay) be used in these important matches? FIFA handed out the golden hardware for the World Cup. There is a soft side to one of these awards. Attempts at comedy and mean spirited remarks rule the pod in the end. Don't give in to World Cup fatigue! Listen to the final Kick from the Spot podcast World Cup edition. David Blaine and Ethnic Hobbits worldwide do not endorse the Kick from the Spot podcast. Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game. Jay Fratt John Gonsalves Kick from the Spot Twitter Kick from the Spot Website Email: Sponsor: Smokin Js Moody Beats If you cannot see the audio contr

EP-029 World Cup Finals Are Set What A Cup

It's the Kick from the Spot podcast coming straight from the Smokin Js recording studio in Olympia, WA. The guys get together to review the World Cup Semifinals, discuss memorable moments from this amazing World Cup, and preview the finals matches. Jay's selfish and bitter side come out a bit. He seems to think the World Cup is all about his bracket and the Kick from the Spot bracket challenge. Croatia's guts and France's persistence have seen them through to the final. The guys break down the replay of the Belgium vs England group stage match between two teams pitted against winning. Will this consolation match be any different? So many moments of this World Cup to highlight. The guys recall their favorite moments and highlights of World Cup Russia 2018. No US Men's National Team players were injured during the recording of this podcast, nor in the World Cup. Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together

EP-028 World Cup Quarterfinal Review and Semifinal Preview

John is back in the Smokin Js podcast studio with Jay to celebrate a fantastic World Cup 2018 Quarterfinal Round. The semifinals are set with France versus Belgium and Croatia versus England. How did they get there and what can you expect? Have you wondered what the announcers are talking about when they mention the goal keeper can't "come off the line" during kicks from the spot? We have a special training ground segment just for you. We may not have Ronaldo, Messi, and Chicharito, but the star power of Mbappe, Griezmann, Hazard, Kane, DeBruyne, and Modric will light up the semifinal round. Some are saying it's the best World Cup ever! Even without hyperbole, it's been pretty darn fantastic. Believe it or not, Neymar was not injured during the production of this podcast (although it seemed so). Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

EP-027 World Cup Round of 16 Review and Quarterfinal Preview

John Gonsalves is a boss! Didn't you know? After a whirlwind week of promotions, salary negotiations, and his Olympia chapter of the American Outlaws becoming OFFICIAL, John needed a break from the pressures of the Kick from the Spot podcast. Jay flies solo once again to keep you up to date on World Cup action. The Quarterfinals are set, how did the nations get there, and what to expect is laid out. Luis Suarez had an amazing performance versus Portugal. Can he repeat it against France. Is Cavani injured? Mbappe announced his presence at the top of the list of best players in the world on the same day Messi and Ronaldo were bounced from the tournament. Brazil versus Belgium promises to be the most scintillating match of the Quarterfinals! England may be in the weaker side of the bracket, but they showed the world just how beatable they are, even if it is they who beat themselves. Russia, the host country is the darling Cinderella of the Cup, but will they find their s