EP-010 VAR Man City Bet and Champions League

Whoa, episode 10.  John and Jay are going strong and having fun in the first double digit episode.

With Man City playing Arsenal and Chelsea in the same week, the guys made a bet based on the results.  The results were not pretty.  John won the bet, but who's pride was still intact?

VAR is coming to the World Cup.  The guys discuss the renaming of the FA Cup to the VAR Cup after the Tottenham vs Rochdale debacle in the snow. 

The Catalonia independence movement was discuss.  Political prisoners or not, the English Football Association has legitimate reasoning behind fining Pep Guardiola, despite his right to voice his support.

No vocal cords were injured in the production of this podcast .... chAMpions!!

Thank you for finding us and listening.  We hope to build a solid soccer community together with you based on fun, respect, and love for the beautiful game.

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