Soccer News - 02-25-18

Jordan Morris will most likely miss the entirety of 2018.
The injury is yet to be confirmed, but it appears he tore his ACL in a Sounders CONCACAF Champions League match on Sunday.

Usain Bolt to play soccer professionally?
Yes, the 8 time Olympic Gold medalist will announce Tuesday morning the beginning of his new career.  In January he announced his plan to train with Dortmund in the Bundesliga starting in March.  His ultimate goal is to play for his favorite club Manchester United.

Russians are the new soccer hooligans!
One police officer died trying to quell a clash of soccer fans before the Athletic Bilboa vs Spartak Moscow Europa league match.  The Basque people - my people - Well through a meretricious relationship only - They are the last revolutionary group in Europe.  Not a group of people to back down from a fight.
The scene outside of "The Cathedral" ... the home stadium for Athletic Club ... saw police in riot gear swinging batons and flares being lobbed between the supporter groups.  It was an ugly scene as mobs kicked and beat soccer supporters that fell outside of their packs.
The police officer died of a heart attack.

Manchester City won the Caraboa League Cup on Sunday
The win by Manchester City means an extra qualifying spot in the EPL League standings for Europa League.  As of now the 5th and 6th place teams will now qualify for the Europa League with the FA Cup winner still to make an impact on qualification spots.
Gabriel Jesus made his return from a knee injury in the Sunday final.  Immediately the debated restarted as to who is better, Jesus or Aguero.