Fall in Love with Champions League

There’s a reason the Champions League returns for the group stage close to Valentines Day. What better way to celebrate love than with the best club teams in the world playing the most beautiful game in the world. I know what a lot of you are probably thinking, “This guy is crazy, the World Cup is the best thing in the beautiful game!”

I agree, the World Cup rules! However, I give the edge to the Champions League. It happens every year and the quality of matches is greater. For those of you not familiar, I’ll describe it in the simplest of terms. The Champions League is a tournament involving the best professional club teams from all over Europe and beyond. Depending on how much you follow European football and who you support, you might not be very familiar with the UCL. Stop what you’re doing and check it out right now! This is a time when we get to see matches like FC Barcelona (Spanish League) versus Chelsea (English Premiere League), Real Madrid (Spanish League) versus PSG (French League), and Juventus (Italian League) versus Tottenham (English Premiere League)

This past year I watched a lot of Champions League matches and a lot of World Cup Qualifying matches. I realized something: Professional club squads train and play together much more than World Cup squads. It makes them sharper and more organized. This isn’t meant to be a debate about the two tournaments, I just used that comparison to give those who are unfamiliar an idea of how good the Champions League is. I was a fan of soccer for a few years before I really knew about the Champions League at all, and I want to share it with anyone who will read or listen. If you’re a casual fan, watch a match. If you’re obsessed like me, do some research. The Champions League is fascinating, exciting, and complicated... And that’s love!

Happy Valentine's Day ... Welcome back Champions League.

John Gonsalves
Twitter @dustmanf1