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"Ok I was gone for a minute but I'm back now." US Men's National Team and entire program has me hyped again to talk about SOCCER! The inspiration of the Kick from the Spot came over three years ago. Steady progress has been replaced by fits and starts. Recently I found a willing partner on the pitch, and the combination should be positive.

Today the USMNT successfully earned a point in Mexico City in World Cup Qualifying. This result loosened the non qualification noose that the Klinsmann regime craned the club into. With the emergence of Christian Pulisic as a legitimate American star, the USMNT has gain a potency and charisma lacking in recent years. The point in Mexico City returns the USMNT back to the paved road of World Cup Qualification.

The U20 US team put forth a strong effort in the recent U20 World Cup. The team made it as far as any US U20 squad in World Cup competition. All of these results and promise tastes a bit like penny leaves on the back …