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For those who are new fans to the sport of soccer, you may find it slightly confusing to keep up with all the national leagues, associations and matches. At Kick from the Spot we are here for you.  In the United States CONCACAF is an important acronym to know and understand.  Here are the basics you should know about CONCACAF. What CONCACAF Stands For? CONCACAF is the abbreviation for “The Confederation of North, Central America And Caribbean Association Football.” The association consists of North American members, Central American members, Caribbean members as well as the independent nations of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. It was created in 1961 and merged the NAFC and CCCF. Today it is considered the third most successful confederation of FIFA. FIFA is the “Federation Internationale de Football Association”. FIFA is responsible for organizing, promoting and regulating soccer's major tournaments. There are six confederations that create FIFA, one of which is CONCACA