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Soccer is American: Breaking Barriers

In the past few years I have found a new love in my life.  This love is powerful and consuming as it has determined my weekly schedule and wiped out life-long sporting relationships.  I have fallen in love with soccer.  As a boy and young adult I consistently took a passing interest in soccer.  I appreciated the game and the skill of the players.  This interest was less than acquaintanceship, more like a friendly face that looks familiar with no concrete reason or attachment.  I wonder why it took me so long to embrace the sport.   Now that I have broken through the invisible barrier that kept me from soccer for all those years, let's take a closer look at why there is resistance to soccer in America and the natural obstacles that stand in its way.

Americans have a tendency to dismiss sports that are foreign.  We are proud of our national sports.  Too often we come up with excuses that diminish foreign sports instead of pronouncing the real reason for the disinterest.  When a spor…